Xequals packs the creative punch of the big players


the service and attention you can only get from an experienced multidisciplinary team.

Who we are

Xequals is unique. We are a code shop and design agency offering custom web, App, programming, usability and design solutions - with a heavy focus on creativity and emergent technology. Xequals was born of a dream in 2010 by founders Rox and Alex to create a quintessentially kiwi, excessively innovative office on the cutting edge of technology and design.

It is our goal to provide our customers everything the 21st century demands while still being ahead of the curve.

Relax. We can do it.

We live in a world of increasingly integrated technologies - where everything needs to fluidly work together. Xequals understands this and seeks to offer you the multi-disciplinary technology expertise that bring everything together on a project to manage it as effectively as possible. Whatever you are after - websites, software, apps, games, video, animation, design, usability, interface, architecture - these are all words we speak and we string them together like a second language.

While the opensource Drupal CMS platform is our main technology for building websites, we are not married to any one coding language, CMS, or approach. Our staff's skills cover the full range of competencies one would expect to solve almost any technical or creative challenge. Xequals loves a challenge and we've built a name for ourselves as the people who can do almost anything in multimedia. We also do video production, animation, 3D, print design, interaction development, third party integration and anything else you may want to create as part of an advanced web project.


Rox Flame

Alex Matthews

Thomas Murphy

Victoria Spagnolo

Jan von Mulert

Duncan Nairn

Richard Shea

Mike Stent

Laura Munro

Carla Schollum

Our Clients

We like working for people we like - and believe in. Education, environment, community, arts & entertainment. Yes please.