Rox Flame

Rox Flame has been designing websites, programming computer games and making a living off of his visual artworks for over a decade.

Alex Matthews

Alex is a founding Director of Xequals and a digital generalist. Making websites for over 15 years, he has extensive experience in delivering complicated web systems and business solutions.

Linda Martis

Linda runs the Xequals accounts department.

Carla Schollum

Carla is an awesome designer working across the chasm of modern graphics from web and App interfaces to marketing and traditional media.

Laura Munro

Laura is a front-end specialist, with skills that cover the scope of modern web design and marketing, making her a generalist in code and creative.

Jan von Mulert

Highly experienced in the Drupal CMS, Jan is a multi-language coder with a flair for problem solving.

Marcel Nogueira d'Eurydice

Marcel is the director of Source Crafting ltd, one of our partners. He brings his experience in data science and a wide range of programming languages.

Thomas Murphy

Thomas Murphy specialises in providing therapy to large organisations who have realised they are in an abusive relationship with their own website.

Bohemian Thanni

Work with us

We're on the lookout for problem solvers. If you have skills in html, css, javascript and drupal, and would like to join our offbeat team, we'd love to hear from you here.